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Let us take care of your accounting but you can concentrate on what you do best and evolve!

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    accounting services

    SIA “Grāmatveža Prieks” provides quality accounting services for both self-employed and legal entities, as well as consultations. We also can represent you and your interests in State institutions such as the State Revenue Service and the Register of Enterprises.

    We will take full responsibility for the management of your company’s accounting. You, our client, are the most important to us, so we want to relieve you of unnecessary worries so that you can successfully work on the growth of your business! Together with SIA “Grāmatveža Prieks” you will find the most advantageous solution for your company.

    Need a new business or make legal changes to an existing one? We will consult, arrange the documents, submit them for you! Start your business without worries!

    • Arranging and submitting company registration documents
    • Advice on what type of tax to choose
    • Advice on what type of registration to choose
    • Submission of documents to the Register of Enterprises
    • Successful completion of company registration

    Are you your own manager? Don’t worry it’s easy – we will take care of full-cycle accounting, but you will focus on what you’re best at!


    Advice on choosing a tax regime

    • Keeping an income and expense journal
    • Invoice issuing
    • Submission of a self-employed person’s report to the VID
    • Submission of annual income declaration
    • Submission of VAT return
    • Salary calculation
    • Consultation

    We will take full responsibility, consult, and create the most advantageous and best solution for your business situation, industry, size, and goals.

    • Consultation
    • Recommendations for tax optimization
    • Preparing an employment contract
    • Salary calculation
    • Document processing in accounting program
    • Submission of VAT return
    • Preparation of annual report
    • Consulting and performance of clerical work
    • Preparation of advance payment report
    • Preparation of other reports
    • Submission of statistical reports
    • Answering VID letters and requests
    • Representation of clients’ interests in VID

    Is it time to put the company’s accounting in order? We’ll help! We’ll take over the accounting – previous period accounting verification, sorting, correction, and consulting.

    • Previous period accounting verification
    • Previous period accounting sorting and correction
    • Consultation

    One of our priorities is tax optimization. Together with you, we will find the most advantageous solution for your business, knowing the legislation and its updates.


    Together with Grāmatveža Prieks, accounting is no longer a problem. We will ease your worries by answering questions and resolving situations as quickly as possible. We are using up-to-date software and devices.


    with a smile

    It is important for us that you sleep peacefully at night, without worrying that something may be wrong with the company’s accounting. We take responsibility for our work.

    Why “Grāmatveža Prieks”?

    “Evolve with a smile!” – this is our motto to ensure the quality of accounting services. We know accounting from A to Z and we will prove it to you with our work. You, the customer, are our priority, regardless of the type of business and the amount of income. We are here to help you develop and grow! Each of our clients is individual and special. The employees of our company will take full responsibility for the security of your documents. Trust SIA “Grāmatveža Prieks”!


    01.Your growth
    is ours

    02.time-efficient and trustable

    03.Actions matters, not words
    of Our existing customers recommend SIA”Grāmatveža prieks” to others

    We are a company whose work speaks for itself.

    Satisfied clients

    Successful development

    Satisfied clients are our company’s top priority. That’s why we are open to any challenge to help you grow by taking full responsibility for your company’s accounting processes! We can also represent your interests in state institutions.



    SIA “Grāmatveža Prieks” motto is to become even more knowledgeable and even more professional. We will help to make your daily business easier by providing high-quality and easily accessible accounting services, as well as a wide range of consultations in this industry.


    Accouting services

    It is our duty to advise you and arrange the company’s accounting so that you do not have to think about it. We always understand the questions asked by the client and try to answer them as quickly as possible in a way that the client understands. You will not be disturbed by unnecessary questions, nor will you be accused of inaction. We will do the opposite – together we will try to turn every situation for the better.

    Ulvis Melngailis
    Umauto IK
    Hardworking employees are in the worth of gold! I would like to say thank you to the team of “Grāmatveža Prieks”, even in this unusual time, for your energy, perseverance, positive attitude, and professional staff who are always ready to take a step towards the client and even at night ready to perform work duties! Thanks! Wishing you a lot of health and a lot of work!


    To provide quality accounting services, our team is our gold. Employees of SIA “Grāmatveža Prieks” will take full responsibility for the security of your documents. If you want to be treated as you should, and not as one in 100, then work with us!

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