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We’ll arrange a meeting with one of our board members. We’ll go through your requirements, settle a start date and sign a contract. At this moment, you’ve become SIA “Grāmatveža Prieks” client and you don’t need to worry about accounting no more.

To calculate monthly costs we’ll need these details:

  • Issued and received invoices amount
  • Number of employees
  • Number of receipts
  • Company’s specifications and branch
  • Business type
  • Number of cash registers (if any)
  • Other services you might require, for example, invoice issuing

Costs can change only by signed agreement from both sides and if the long term volume of documents increases.

Yes, we can help in preparation and in submission.

If the management of the company has added a member of the board to the users of the company in EDS and has given the power of attorney, then SIA “Grāmatveža Prieks” can do it. There are different cases where we always find the most suitable approach. We take the responsibility for our work.

SIA “Grāmatveža Prieks” will inform you about revisions necessary and will help to amend mistakes, advising solutions on how to prevent them in the future.

We will do this with pleasure and the experience shows, we can do it very well. Our company has well prepared form of invoice we can use.

SIA “Grāmatveža Prieks” will be happy to if the client has added the member of the board of SIA “Grāmatveža Prieks”  to their online banking system.

SIA “Grāmatveža Prieks” can prepare a payment in:

    • A/S Swedbank
    • A/S Citadele banka
    • A/S Luminor Bank

SIA “Grāmatveža Prieks” team consists of 8 professionals in our branch.

Yes, we can advise which banks are the most effective both to the client and the accountants.

SIA “Grāmatveža Prieks” has produced around 100 company registration documents. We can not only produce registration documents but also submit them on your behalf to assist you with foundation of the business.

Our mission is to make your business processes easier,  so you can concentrate on what you do best and are passionate about . Of course, any mistake can be solved.

  • Registration documents can be prepared in 1-2 hours time.
  • If a company’s capital is 1 EUR, and a digital signature(eparaksts) has been acquired then the time of examination is 1-3 working days.
  • If companies capital is 2800 EUR, then it depends on how efficiently all of the documents are processed in the bank.

Yes, the difference is in the time of examination and also in-state fee amount.

We can not only help but advise on how to do it.

Our team of experts will assist you on how to acquire VAT number. We can consult you about the process or prepare and submit the documents on your behalf. We also can represent you in-state institution, like Valsts Ieņēmumu Dienests or Uzņēmumu Reģistrs.

See the direct links of insitutions here.

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